Institut Lumière of Lyon

July 5, 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

We hope you all enjoyed our 9th HBV Cure ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases Workshop and Webinar and had a great time networking and listening to the outstanding contribution of the speakers.

We woud like to thank you for attending the event and making it a huge success! Over 120 people attended the workshop in person in Lyon. Moreover, remotely, over 400 took part in the workshop in the morning and 250 in the afternoon.

Before closing this year’s event, we would like to have your feedback on the positive points and the points to improve. It will help us shape how we work with you in the future and continue to ensure the content of the workshop is of the best quality.

Moreover, we would like to announce that the replay of this event is available for three months by following the link on this page :

Looking forward to seeing you next year for the 10th HBV CURE ANRS|EID Workshop

With our best regards,

Pr. Fabien Zoulim
HBV Cure Task Force

Pr. Yazdan Yazdanpanah 
Director of ANRS|Emerging Infectious Diseases

Dr. Ventzislava Petrov-Sanchez
ANRS|Emerging Infectious Diseases


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